Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Learn the Real Secrets of Wordpress Direct From an Internet Marketing Giant

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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Develop a Powerful Google Brand with Kerwin Rae

Would you like to learn how to develop a powerful Google brand in as little as 6 weeks? This is the webinar for you to be on...

Kerwin Rae, an internationally recognised expert in turning failing businesses into success stories is holding this one off webinar. He’s the guy that took a business that was losing $7 million dollars a year to making $500k in only 2 years.

Take your business to a new level with an unstoppable Google brand.

In this one off event he’s going to reveal exactly…

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- The 5 things you must do to get other people raving about you on their website as the expert in your field.

- Learn the 3 secrets of Google branding that will send an almost endless flood of qualified traffic your way.

- How to use your Google brand to get you ranked #1 on Google’s search results.

- Why your Google brand will give you FREE advertising on thousands of qualified sites, and

- How to outsource your entire Google brand strategy so other people reliably implement it for you. You get the new leads and positioning and you barely have to lift a finger or pay much at all.

A not to be missed webinar in 2011...

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Daily Niche Idea

Niche marketing - identify a niche in the market, find a product people will want and watch the sales come in. It´s that simple.

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Monday, 25 July 2011

Cash In On the Lucrative Health and Beauty Market

For anyone wishing to cash in on the lucrative Health and Beauty market as an affiliate, there is an affiliate network which only offers products in this niche.

MarketHealth offer affiliates free hosting, conversion tracking and many products pay out recurring income.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Be An Unstoppable Affiliate To Generate Passive Online Income

There is a brand new system guaranteed to earn you handsome affiliate commissions.

The full system that will create your own $300-$3000 a month mini sites at light speed...

Check out Unstoppable Affiliate

Google changed everything early in 2011 and thousands of money-earning sites were closed down. Something like 12% of all US search results were affected. It was one of the biggest search engine beatdowns in the history of the internet. Some of the high-earners went from high income to zero income.

SO many people got hurt with this update...

Andrew Hansen earns a very respectable five figure monthly income through passive affiliate income. That's right, he enjoys his life, playing guitar, socializing, travelling one of out four weeks with his fiance whilst many of the so-called online gurus are stuck in offices with teams of people and literally attached to their computers.

Andrew's brand new system is based on what he is using himself to earn his enviable income. It's not Clickbank, it is truly something new.

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In more than 5 hours of comprehensive training you'll be able to follow along and flat out COPY what Andrew does to achieve wild passive income affiliate commissions.

You get that right? You can just COPY it right off the screen!

If you want to set up a system that works and repeat it as many times as you want, depending on how much passive income you want to generate, then you have to look at Unstoppable Affiliate.

The system was launched on 19 July 2011 and is available until 29 July at a very special low launch price. You don´t want to miss it because the price will rise substantially.

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Friday, 24 June 2011

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Monday, 9 May 2011

Affiliate Programmes in Belgium or the Netherlands

Here is a useful resource for anyone looking to join affiliate programmes in Belgium or the Netherlands

Web Affiliates.nl

Monday, 31 January 2011

Top 6 Link Building Predictions for 2011

Link building is very important to the success of your online business. Everyone might have their own thoughts on what it takes to build a successful link building campaign, but here are the Top 6 Link Building Predictions for 2011.

1. Brand Names Will Become More Used than the Keyword-Based Anchor Text: Recently, many sites were penalized for possibly having too much anchor text. The Mayday changes resulted in more brand dominance in search engine results. Because of this, link building will now be more focused on targeting brands and names of businesses rather than the anchor text keyword. This could help the importance of review sites and their weight in the search results.

2. Quality over Quantity: Google has been working really hard lately to go through and get rid of all of the low quality sites that offer no real value to its visitors. Links from these sources will be lost, which is why link building should be more focused on getting links from higher quality sites. The only real question for 2011 is, what is going to be the determining factor for "quality"?

3. More Emphasis on Authority over PageRank: There used to be much emphasis on pagerank when it came to linkbuilding. Over the last year, pagerank has quickly died out. This year, more emphasis will be put on factors such as domain authority, page authority, as well as mozRank.

4. More Links Pointing to Website Content Rather than Homepage: Content is King! The websites' content is becoming more and more important, and with that so is the opportunity to build links directly to these inner content pages on your website instead of linking to the homepage.

5. The Growing Important of Conversions Over Rankings: There is no value in being the #1 search result for your chosen keyword if you are not getting any conversions from it. It is now more important to know whether or not the link building is affecting your conversion rates more than whether or not it is just moving your site up in the search engines.

6. Social Mentions Having More Weight than Dofollow Links: Social media is the wave of the future on the internet. It is a big influence on the search engine rankings. Both Google as well as Bing are thinking about including social mentions into their algorithms for ranking. Both Facebook and Twitter will have much importance with this. Social mentions used to carry no weight and were considered nofollow and worthless when it came to SEO. This is changing very quickly.

There are many changes coming in 2011. These changes will greatly affect our link building strategies and how we go about ranking our websites in the search results. Everything that we thought we knew about ranking our websites is slowly but surely coming to a halt. These changes might be a little intimidating at first but will probably prove to be great changes for us all.

About the Author:
Fred Meek is a professional search engine consultant in Austin Texas. For more information on Austin Search Engine Optimization or Local Search Marketing.

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Monday, 24 January 2011

Probably the Best Email AutoResponder on the Market

There are plenty of email autoresponder systems available. Some are free and some are not. I was tempted by a free system but then I read some reviews and decided to stick with what I know: the tried and tested system of AWeber. They are the industry favourite for a reason!

They offer a versatile system, plenty of online video training, FAQs or support and they are easy to use. You can set up multiple lists up to 500 subscribers each for just $ 19 per month and right now, try them out for just $ 1 for the first 30 days. It's an amazing offer which shows how confident they are that you will want to stay.

Your mailing lists are the backbone of your online business. Don't trust them to fly-by-night operators. Use AWeber, the system that the top pros use.

Monday, 22 February 2010

Eliminate SPAM Emails From Your Inbox

One of my email addresses appears on a high traffic site and as a result, I am a target for all the ******* spammers who have nothing better to do than send unsolicited emails to others, usually about medications or sex.

I often have to go to my webmail and delete hundreds of these emails because they don't download into my inbox. This morning I had to delete 4,760 and at 20 per page, you can imagine how much time I wasted.

Enough is enough so I've started using SPAM Arrest.

Spam Arrest will eliminate unwanted spam emails from your inbox or webmail service. it is well worth it.